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Biography Tengku Amir Hamzah

Full name is Tengku Amir Hamzah Amir Hamzah, but it used to be called Amir Hamzah. He was born in Tanjung Pura, Langkat, North Sumatra, on February 28, 1911. Amir Hamzah grow in an environment of Langkat nobles who obey the Islamic religion. His uncle, Machmud, was the Sultan of Langkat based in the capital city of Tanjung Pura, who ruled in 1927-1941.
His father, Tengku Muhammad Adil (who is none other than Sultan Machmud own brother), became deputy sultan to LUHAK Langkat Bengkulu and domiciled in Binjai, East Sumatra.

At first Amir was educated at Langkatsche School in Tanjung Pura in 1916. Then, in 1924 he entered MULO school (secondary school) in Medan. A year later she moved to Jakarta to finish his first high school in 1927. Amir, then go back to school at AMS (high school) in Solo, Central Java, East Literature, until finished. Then, he returned to Jakarta and Judge High School signed up to achieve the Bachelor of Law.

Amir Hamzah can not be separated from the literary Malays. Therefore, not surprisingly, in her flowing kepenyairan strong talent. Missing is the fruit of her first poetry collection that marks the beginning of his career as a poet. Maturity as a poet peak seen in the collection of poems and Sing Silent Eastern incense. Besides writing poetry, Amir Hamzah also translated the book Bagawat Gita.
Biography poet who also are followers of the Sufi Naqsabandiyah ended tragically. On October 29, 1945, Amir was appointed Deputy Government of the Republic of Indonesia to Langkat based in Binjai. When the Prince Amir is also the Upper Langkat in Binjai.

When the Allies arrived and tried to win the heart of the sovereign, the people's awareness of menggelombang revolution. They urged the Sultan Langkat immediately recognizes the Republic of Indonesia. Then, the Social Revolution broke out on March 3, 1946. The goal is noble families that are considered less pro kepda people, including Amir Hamzah. In the early morning March 20, 1946 they were punished pancung.

However, later proved that Amir Hamzah was an innocent victim of a social revuolusi. In 1975 the Government of Indonesia granted the title of National Hero.